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    Rush Limbaugh describes them pretty well here:

    I would think 'fake' is a powerful condescending word but I will play along anyway. I think there are fakes on both sides, my analogy of fake is of course not real.  so when referring to fake party members, it means to me that they are not aware of the party agenda only the possession of the title.  Passed down from generations like an old pair of shoes. Nobody wears them but they hang on for sentimental sake.   Kinda lame IMO but I think there are many. 

    I am originally from southwest Ohio, there are many democrats living there now! yet when I visit them and we have our political talks, they talk like conservatives. but they think Republicans are the death of the nation.   I point out their being upside down but they refuse to vote republican, even though the agenda is same as theirs.   very weird.  But the democrat party has been handed down and they just don't get the fact that the democrat party is not the same as in Kennedy's time.   I say to any midwest democrat, come live with me for a month in Silicon Valley CA, I will guarantee you will then see the difference.   I believe I am one of 12 conservative republicans living here. LOL!   But, I am not totally 100% behind the Republican party either so I find myself creeping closer and closer to Independent.

    To be fair though, I also know many democrats that vote republican, (bluedogs) They refuse to give up the party but at least they understand the agendas and vote with their conscious rather than their heritage. 


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