what are good reasons for quiting your job

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    The number 1 reason is that U don't like it. 2 would be, your boss is a real jerk. Number 3 is that it doesn't pay enough.
    Had twins and need better opportunities to support my family.
    It sound sto me like you are looking for a reason to quit and collect EI. It sounds great to sit back with your hand out but it is a trap for finding yourself in a rut. My boyfriend's son is doing that right now and has turned away work because he is too busy playing video games and forgetting he is grown now. Eventually the fountain runs dry and finding work that pays enough these days is quite the challenge. My suggestion is to start looking for something that you might enjoy. Work for yourself or find something that reflects the things you enjoy in your life. is not fun when the hand outs stop.
    Many people just don't work and take government money to live by because they are lazy or financially that's better for them.
    When the do not cut you a check on payday
    What are reasons you can quit your job and still draw unemployment

    Are you just looking for a reason to not work and still make money?

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