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    I always put 100% into my work and try to get along with everyone professionally.  BUT my play time is spent with people I love doing things I love.  That is much more important to me.

    Play of course.But if we don't work we can't play.

    I must admit I am a workaholic ...

    work to live not live to work i say




    i have the best job of my life but it can not love me .

    You wrote: money aside, right? Then I'd rather play. I'm willing to work for whats mine but if I don't have to, oh boy!!!

    Writing a good sentence. A sentence is a morning walked through, some place on earth. It is an act, and a piece of creation.

    Play, Play, Play......Never worry about work.  It never lasts.  Enjoy life.  You only have one life.

    When you work and worry too much, you'll get high blood pressure and this leads to other health problems.

    I think it was Freud who said you have to have a balance of love and work to be happy ...

    In this, I believe Freud is correct.

    Work - 40%

    Play -  60%.

    Work hard so u can play hard
    Both - as i really enjoy my job!
    Neither. Both are too much work, er play, er whatever. Just laze n gaze into the deep blue sky whilst tipping a cold one.

    Play, I'm 62

    My cats, especially Oliver......


    Ah that was sweet about Oliver the cat I had a cat called Oliver

    You said had so that leads me to believe he is no longer with you. I am terribly sorry for your loss, because Oliver means so very very much to me.

    Thank you Darci yes you are right he was put to sleep in feb this year he was a strapping lad and very hansome and jet black we gave him his breakfast as you do every morning and with in mins he was dragging his back legs across the floor with that we rushed him to the vet which in my mind took ages i would say it was 20 mins and he could hardley breath by now and was so upset for him as I couldnt do a thing, we got to the vet and they of course saw him sraight away and he said that he had a blood clot from his legs which was traverling up to the heart and lugs he couldnt do a thing except having him put to sleep and he was only eight years old yes we miss him so much as he was such a character thank you Darci for the mention of our Oliver which we will never for get xxx

    Melandrupet that is so very sad and I know what that feels like I had a cat that died of the same thing or should I say I had to have him put to sleep because of the same thing it was very very sad, heart breaking and still is to this day his name was Beauregard. I will always miss my little ones that have passed on and dred the day and do not even want to think about losing Oliver......for with him I fear they will have to bury me too.

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