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will popcorn kill a dog
Answers: 8 Views: 558 Rating: 4 Posted: 5 years ago

I would be very concerned about the dog choking.

Rating: 0 Posted: 2 days ago
Can anyone please explain this pun? (I can't)
Answers: 3 Views: 118 Rating: 2 Posted: 3 days ago

Image result for gauchoIt's a lot of bull!

Rating: 2 Posted: 3 days ago
Do you give your own manicures and/or pedicures or go to salon?
Answers: 7 Views: 144 Rating: 4 Posted: 6 days ago

I go to where this guy goes.Image result for men long fingernails

Rating: 5 Posted: 5 days ago
If your baby has an allergy with nappies do you take back to store
Answers: 4 Views: 99 Rating: 3 Posted: 6 days ago

I don't think they will take back the baby.

Rating: 4 Posted: 6 days ago
How is your day today and how are you feeling?
Answers: 7 Views: 254 Rating: 6 Posted: 11 days ago

(It's) Monday morning, I'm feeling down...

Rating: 4 Posted: 8 days ago
Yes i know how lonely life can be,
Answers: 9 Views: 967 Rating: 10 Posted: 3 years ago
Rating: 3 Posted: 9 days ago
Ever hear a story on the radio?
Answers: 6 Views: 165 Rating: 3 Posted: 12 days ago
Rating: 3 Posted: 10 days ago
When will humans learn that yelling "get down" won't be even noticed by a cat?
Answers: 7 Views: 218 Rating: 3 Posted: 12 days ago

As long as they have their own agendas, forget about it! Image result for cat bird

Rating: 6 Posted: 10 days ago
Should North Korea be met with "fire and fury"......
Answers: 4 Views: 150 Rating: 3 Posted: 12 days ago

Yes, if they attack the U.S.

Rating: 5 Posted: 11 days ago
What type of art do you have hanging on your walls?
Answers: 8 Views: 275 Rating: 6 Posted: 1 month ago

Image result for duckImage result for country bumpkinA (banana) Ducky and a Country Bumpkin! I have to butter up the moderators every once in awhile. CB is not a City Slicker.

Rating: 2 Posted: 13 days ago

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