i am stay in my brothers house for a few days and i need to find someone to help me get work for a place to live and possibly money too; in the state of florida

    i am a physcial labor type of person.i have worked for everything i ever got in life.not afraid to work!

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    Try the help wanted section of the newspapers or Google labor jobs in Florida on your computer. Check to see if there's an employment agency in your area. Sometimes you can start by working as a temp for a company and end up being hired by them. I live in CT so I don't know the job market in Fl.
    If you are looking in S.FL and are a Christian, there is a place called Heaven Sent House, they have a website you can look up. I live in S.FL and know the owner of the halfway house, he's a great guy.
    How about craiglist?

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