Please help me with this. My daughter,her husband, and my two grandchildren moved in with my husband and I till they find a house. all of a sudden the bedroom doors open at night and no one is there and a few weeks ago I was poked in the back by someone.... something. My granddaughter is scared because of the door opening. help

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    The grandchildren are having fun with you. I would ignore for a few days and probably the "mystery" will end. Kids are very smart and very observant about how adults react to them. That's what they want....a reaction.

    Wow....look at the research papers availed on poltergeist activity and adolescents...



    LIndi, I'm interested in that too. Many years ago, when there was a bad poltergheist in a home here in the 'burbs of Detroit, My mom told me that research says that when there's a poltergheist, there's usaully a young disturbed adolescent in the house. And when they move, there's no more potergheist activity for the next owners. I think it's got something to do with psychokenesis. Thank you , Lindi , for bringing that to the fore .

    Better hurry.


    hurry and do what, digger? ghostbusters ?

    Who else would you hire to rid your house of ghosts ?

    Did they bring an entity with them or did you already have one that is now upset because there are more people in it's house? I do believe in spirits but for this, I think one of your grandkids may be playing a game. 

    figment of imagination?

     you were sleeping with your husband, so couldn't it have been him that accidently  poked you in the back when he opened your door to go to the bathroom.?........and opened the kids door to check on them ?  

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