I just found out that my four months pregnant wife is full defect, will the baby too be full defect?

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    I have been in Health care for a long time and know about genetic defect in babies...but I have no reference point for the term "full defect" I ask what defect is it?

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    Speak to her doctor. I can not find anything on the internet about full defect. 

    Yes I share the same thoughts,what is full defect, talk to your doc.

    "Defect:  fault - shortcoming - flaw - imperfection - blemish
    When you write that your wife is "full defect", it implies that she has faults, shortcomings, problems in every aspect of her person.  A person with "full defect" probably couldn't get pregnant. 
    Please check the terminology and ask your question again. We would all like to help. 

    Please a little more detail or talk to your doctor.

    Boys Boys stop fighting among yourselves and answer the question if you can.

    I can`t because "full defect" means nothing to me.

    I only have 2 types of defect 1) some fault in some person or product. The car had a defect.

                                                      2) to leave one group country etc for another. I decided to defect from the "save the gay whales" party and join" feed the hetero sharks."


    I am impressed you even knew about these whales and sharks. What about the bi-s....never mind.

    What is the defect ?Some things can be passed on genetically to the unborn child.A Doctor would be able to explain this to you.

    What do you mean? Is your wife mentally deficient?

    Do you mean something like fragile x ?? that is, something that  may be passed on genetically

    Not necessarily. A defect may not all be bad.

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