Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1. What kinds of questions can I ask here?
    Most importantly - questions should be relevant to this community. Before you ask - please make sure to search for a similar question. You can search questions by their title or tags.
    2. What kinds of questions should be avoided?
    Please avoid asking questions that are not relevant to this community, too subjective and argumentative.
    3. What should I avoid in my answers?
    akaQA: also known as Questions & Answers Forum is a question and answer site - it is not a discussion group. Please avoid holding debates in your answers as they tend to dilute the essense of questions and answers. For the brief discussions please use commenting facility.
    4. Who moderates this community?
    The short answer is: you. This website is moderated by the users. Karma system allows users to earn rights to perform a variety of moderation tasks
    5. Who is going to answer my questions?
    akaQA is a place where people can ask questions and help other people receive answers to their questions.
    When you post a question, our devoted akaQA members will try to help you get an answer
    6. How can I contact the site's operator?
    In order to contact the site's support team, please click on the Contact link, located on the bottom menu of
    7. I didn't receive an answer, what more can I do to get help?
    On every unanswered question you have you can see a button that says "Bump" on it.
    Press on the "bump" button, and your question will jump to the top of the sites unanswered questions list, just like posting a new question.
    Our community members will try to help you get answers to your questions
    8. How can I change my username or email address?
    If you want to change your username or email address on akaQA, please send us the new username or email address through the Contact link on

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