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Who do you respect as far as advise goes?
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I love advice from others. I believe everyone's got a genius for one thing or another. If I get insight from something said to me, I might try it out, if it seems reasonable.  I respect the advice of my mother and sister.

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Is this an interesting point of view question..???????
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terryfossil I am so happy you asked this question. I have been fascinated by gay people every since I first discovered that there was such an idea that people could be gay and were attracted to the same sex. I was about 14 when a guy friend told me about "gay" people.  So for many years I researched the topic, talked with people that were gay etc., etc.  When I first got out of college I worked as a counselor at a halfway house, in san Mateo, CA.  the girls and women came from jail and were chosen to do their time at the home. Some of the girls were gay. Some were simply in gay relationships while they were doing their jail time.  I talked with them about how did they become gay, etc.  People offered many reasons about why they were gay. After knowing and talking to many gay people I have my theories. But really it does not matter for this conversation.  My sister's daughter is gay and she dresses more like a boy and her girlfriend is very beautiful and feminine and dresses like a girl. Now my niece is a raving beauty too. When my niece first came out to our family, my sister cried and cried and cried and was in disbelief, that this happened to her daughter.  There were a lot of big parties we went to. At that time my niece brought a girl. They both dressed like girls. Both looked like Hollywood beauties. A whole football team wanted to marry my niece. And, a few Hollywood people still do. But, she was not interested because she told me she did not care to get involved with men in a physical manner. While at parties, guys would ask her and/or her girlfriend to dance. People could not see they were gay. My niece, sometimes, got upset and into arguments, when men tried to hit on or make a play on her girlfriend.  That was 20 years ago. Today she dresses like a boy and there is no question that she does not seek to attract men, only women.  I think we all dress to express how we feel inside.  That's the great thing about clothes and makeup, which I love. And less not forget how much people express themselves with t-shirts, cars and pets, and lots of other things.  People love to be appreciated for exactly who they truly are inside. I believe when we appreciate others, we give them such a great gift.  I learned that from kids. lol.

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I believe my car(1994) Cadillac Is brain dead! I am having big time trouble finding some one to figure it out! Any suggestions?
Answers: 8 Views: 210 Rating: 4 Posted: 9 days ago

Clu, I love Cadillac's too. I use to have one years ago when I was about 22. it was used and I think it had a wiring problem. I bought it from a downtown dealership in San Francisco. They had all these great luxury cars plus this one. you would have thought they would have let me know about this car's problem. well what happen, it would just turn off when it got ready. I was coming down a hill on Connecticut Street, in San Francisco and the car lost all power and cut off. Well here I am driving a big blue four door car with no steering power, no brakes, no nothing, down a relatively steep hill. Oh boy where is God. Well luckily when I got to the bottom, there were no cars and the ground was flat. the car stopped.  that's one reason I believe in God today. The last time I saw the blue Cadillac I was driving near that same area, because that's where I lived. The car stopped on the side of a road and would not start.  I said goodbye to the car and never saw it again. I have another sad car story, but won't tell it now. oh maybe I will. My brother in law had given me a navy blue 4 door car. I think it was a dodge. it stopped on highway 101. somebody picked me up. when I got back to the car, it looked like someone had beat it with a bat. it got towed and I got my things out of the car and said goodbye. I've had a little better luck with cars since then.

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Read where 20% of the population (really? (that high?) believes chocolate milk comes from brown cows...
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That seems like natural logic, the kind children use. it's kind of funny when you hear little one's make those kind of observations.  Like one of the kids, a boy, I worked with always said things like that. He was about 8 years old, and once asked me: "counselor . . . why is the moon following us?" Another time a man was walking his dog on a leash, and the man was in front of the dog, and the dog was about three feet behind the man on the leash, and the kid said, "Look at that dog, he's walking the man."

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Do you like Clint Eastwood movies ? Which one do you think is the best one ?
Answers: 15 Views: 598 Rating: 5 Posted: 6 years ago

I do not remember the name of his movies, but what I liked about clint eastwood is that he didn't play with you, and he didn't smile about it, he didn't talk that much, but he was serious business.

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How do you handle liars?
Answers: 12 Views: 279 Rating: 6 Posted: 14 days ago

I take a mental note, and then look at what they say as verbal behavior, and don't particularly believe them unless I see proof.  I also try to avoid people that choose to lie.  however, sometimes they cannot be avoided.  Sometimes I chalk it up to too much wine drinking. that said, I still don't believe them.

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What is your favorite bible story?
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men in lion's den. solomon and gamora.

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London Emergency..
Answers: 7 Views: 370 Rating: 5 Posted: 20 days ago

Groups know groups. Tribes know people in their tribe, and what they will do and won't do. People know the culture they were raised in. When President Trump was in Saudi Arabia, television news showed a clip where he was talking to a room full of royal, and rich Saudi people,  He was asking them to help fight the radical people, some of them were looking at the president like he was speaking Greek. Last night a man was talking about one of the London bombers and how they felt he was too radical and they wanted him to leave their place of worship. Another woman kept holding and rubbing her neck as she talked about this family that were radicalizing their kids.  How do these people know such things.  Because people know their family and tribe members, and what they do and what they kind of think. If people were not scared maybe there could become a way that people would strongly work with their tribe members, in an effort to combat beheadings, stabbings, car bombs, fire settings, etc.  Maybe government or presidents of the world could reward tribal/cultural groups that try to work against these dangerous activities, which is very very difficult to get people to go against family members and support groups.

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If you were asked to bring hors douvers to a party,what would you bring ?
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barbeque pig feet.

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Being black in America..
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I think it's tough being any race, anywhere if you are the minority, disadvantaged, and on the low economic latter.  humans love to look down on the weaker entity. it's a fact in most cultures around the world. now look at the rich black athlete, people knock doors down just to meet or be in there company of these rich black athletes.  it is still tough on the black man still trying to climb the latter, because so many rules have been put in place to hinder his/her progress. e.g. all the new voting rules put in place over last few years. over a million black people were not able to vote because of those new rules.  people voted against affirmative action for black and minority students, and over 300,000 black students have not been able to go to college in the united states.  but, black people continue to carry on and create music, art and everything else.  people in this country are trying to do better towards blacks,  and many are. so if everyone keeps treating everyone well and better, blacks and whites will feel great about each other, and we are already seeing it taking place in many sectors of this society. On the humorous side, I personally think racism will end when the ufo's come down and they really like black people more. racism will end over night. everybody will run out and get braids, a tan and adopt a black baby or homeless black man off the streets.

Rating: 3 Posted: 18 days ago

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