Will tom cat harm or eat baby kittens ,

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    If the Tomcat is not the father of the kittens he will kill them all first chance he gets. The cute domestic cat is no diferent to the Big Cats in the wild. He will not kill his own offspring.

    No, he'll probably ignore them. Most Tom's only want the baby-making part but not the babies.


    Thanks for your reply, been told, Tom will harm , or eat kittens, so as mother cat will come into season again.

    Dollybird in all the years of having cats and seeing cats in barns, I have never heard of such a thing. I would consider that an old wives tale unless I saw it for myself. Toms are usually busy finding mice and bugs to eat and looking for adventures - not killing kittens so they can have their way with the mommies!

    Thanks,  Everyone for your replys,

    I've heard that out in the wild, a tomcat WILL eat another cat's babies; this is part of his instinct to propagate his own genes.
    One time my next-door neighbors raised a litter that had been brought to their house by a tomcat; they were probably his own, and something had happened to the mother. I thought is was adorable for him to do that. I wouldn't worry about domesticated tom, because he's not going to be territorial, and I especially wouldn't worry if they're his own babies.

    Thank you for your reply.How sweet of Tom to take the kittens, to your neighbours house, never heard of that before. How would he know that he fathered kittens, could be another Tom.?

    Actually, a tom can tell if kittens have his DNA by smelling them. Weird, right? But evidently researchers have proven this.

    As far as l know this one won't eat any baybee kitten:

    Specifications (F-14D Tom Cat)


    Orthographically projected diagram of F-14 Tomcat




    Yes, if they get the chance they will kill them.


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