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    why a 55 years old woman bleeds frequently through her nose?

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    3 years ago

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    dosen't sound good see a doctor

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    HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE or she needs to get it CAUTERIZED.

    MY HORN IS CAUTERIZED. My excessive bleeding was from blowing it too hard. Fine now. I'd see your doctor to check BOTH.

    ed shank
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    I was getting a nose bleed on occasion and my doctor told me it was due to me taking a 325 MG aspirin every morning.

    carmaxable i take aspirin daily also. never had a nose bleed but i had blood spewing out my stoma. almost needed transfusion
    ed shank Glad you saw a doctor.

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    My mom used to have that years ago, and they said it was b/c a vein was perilously close to the surface, so when she blew her nose or somthing, the vein burst adn her nose bled like crazy. I think they finally cauterized that little spot.

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