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    My Canon MX320 printer won't print

    I use a Mac OS X5. The printer's turned on, the computer is turned on, the cable is connected properly between the two, but the printer won't print. It printed just fine until now. There's no error message on the printer or computer. Tried turning the mac and printer off and on and nothing's changed.

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    Roger Willcoe
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    Can you find it on your system? control panel, printer, connected?

    Roger Willcoe ie: computer see's the driver and it's working?

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    Maybe these sites may help if you can't find the problem?

    1. ""

      (14 Reviews) - $101.34 as of Jul 12, 2011 Canon PIXMA MX320 - Multifunction (fax/copier/ printer ... of use-- Canon's print cartridges are much more reasonably priced than my old printer. ... you won't be in ... - Cached


    2. ""

      The PIXMA MX320 Home Office Printer delivers high performance and versatility at a great value! Utilize 4800 x 1200 maximum color dpi 1 with the PG-210 Black ... - Cached

    3. ""

      that is why i choose to by canon mx320 , because i knew my old printer ... is a common issue on several Canon printers: if you are running low on ink fax simply won't print ...


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