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    How can a consumer find out if a company is fraudulent called sentry armored dispatch cash prize notification

    I received a letter through mail delivery stating that I was a cash prize winner. And check #104961721 will be made out to Donna __? in the amount of $898,899 in cash awaiting entry and claim disbursal, as long as I pay $20 make payable to "SentryArmored Dispatch, and then it stipulates that I have only 5 days to respond from today, and I search on google but didn't find if they are scams?

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    Please don't spend your hard earned money on scams like this. This is a scam and I would take it to the Postmaster for fraudulent mail. Contact your local Better Business Bureau. Do not send anyone any money , no bank numbers, check numbers, SSN, nothing. I bet dozens if other people in your area has received this type of mail. Maybe take it to your local police station.

    helloworld123 These scammers have a fake business not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Over 3 million dollars have been reported in damages. See: for more information about this fraudulent company.

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    I agree with Yvonne57 to turn this letter over to the BBB, and maybe ifenough complainers complain then they will belisted on google search as scam artists. Anybody whomever receives letters of cash prizes needs to realize that if they ask you for any monetary amount it is a scam, and you won't receive nothing.

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    You will receive something if you send your money. The lesson that you should not send money to scammers.

    By the way I have a load of post holes for sale if you are interested. I dig them in the sand and sell them to people who live in areas where the ground is very hard.

    They can be trimmed to size for any aplication and arrive in a discreet plain brown envelope.

    Hurry sale ends at midnight yesterday.

    mycatsmom hahahahh. That's like these companies that say they sell window. You can't see a hole cut into a wall. What they sell is window frames, with glass and screens fit in them.
    PEOPLELOVER True catsmom.

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    Anytime they ask you to pay them money to win, it's a scam

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    I am all for hanging these scam artists.

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