Why would a cow eat cedar bark?

    Is it a sign of lack of certain nutrition ?

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    Cows and horses gnaw on planks. It is just what they do. It wont hurt them if it is a nussance use a wire (barbed or striaght) to get the animal away for the ceder.

    cows are animals and use there mouths as we use our hands. Perhaps the cattle were looking for salt or maybe the cows were just bored.

    Prolly cos it's hungry

    sick of grass :/

    salt sounds possible but how cold is it where this cow is...does it have grain and hay to eat...if not cows will eat bark as a means of nutrition but only when the snow is so high and there is no other foliage present.

    looking for salt

    looking for salt

    Yes, definately lacking the salt mineral...

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