how do you work with others to agree your own personal development plan?

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    ....others are included to support/reinforce you

    ....offer their learning/experience/skills to improve you align their work/tasks with yours to create a more productive team and eliminate duplication or waste of time/resources

    ....and foster communication

    It's YOUR personal development plan, so sharing it with others is optional.  If you want others to simply AGREE with you, find some "yes men" who have no opinion or stake in your personal development. 

    If you want HONEST FEEDBACK, you'll probably find not everybody likes your personal plan and has suggestions, comments, and criticism (along with approval).  In the end, YOUR PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN has to fit you!

    My last job was working in Human Resources for the state that I live in. We had what is commonly called a Yearly Evaluation which is given by the immediate supervisor of each employee. In it you are critiqued on your work, your personal appearance, how well you get along with others etc. The most important part of the evaluation was where you were given goals to achieve during the next year. You were expected to sign off on the evaluation and in turn you agreed to take the task of working towards the goals and then being evaluated on your success during the next evaluation. This was the state's way of getting people to own their personal development plan and to see that they carried it out.
    it's called compromise

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