explain how people from different backgrounds may use/or interpret communication methods in different ways?

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    So, how'd ya do on this? Did you use any info from akaQA?

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    The question sounds like something assigned as a research paper.  How do you plan to footnote what you get here?


    this was one of the things covered when I studied social welfare, but I must admit to using some unorthadox methods for ideas myself!

    PKB, Hahaha, I like your wry sense of humor

    I would like to be referred to as Doctor Doolittle, animal linguistics and communication specialist. Thank you for asking Bob.

    is it just me...or can you ALWAYS tell when it`s homework time on here???!!!LOL :-?

    This guy is very twisted, to anyone from any background.  Don't feel badly, Umbriel, this guy hasn't a clue about medieval Korean literature, either.




    This kind of guy id, tell to get knotted,
    There are a variety of communication methods

    could you be more specific please?

    verbal, written, visual, and non-verbal communication

    I think a individual/groups/community cultural background and culture has a hugely significant influence in any form of communication.

    If this is  your homework, I suggest you read the chapter in your text book, or read the notes you hopefully took in class.

    non verbal communication.  smile means like or approval.  frown disapproval or maybe dislike.  people pick up on non verbal cues even if they don't talk.

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