The top of my butt crack is feeling like the skins splitting apart, help!!

    I first thought it was some sort of spider bite so I got my husband to check and he said it's just really red and there was a red bump where the pain was coming from. But now it's on fire all the time and it feels like my skins splitting apart. If I try to put Neosporin on it it burns like hell, I can't take it. I can't even touch the skin it hurts so bad. It's hard to sit too. Putting an ice pack there is the only thing that eases the pain for a lil bit, any ideas of what might be going on?

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    OMG..thank you for the laugh..seriously unintentional...I hope this is not a true issue with you and if so I do apologize but I've been answering in the last few minutes some really deep questions...please see a doc if what you are saying is true!
    See a doctor and get checked for hemorrhoids.
    Don't worry it'll heal I get a split in the crack all the time put some salce on it

    math, you put salce on it ? Does that mean Salsa ? That'll make it burn worse

    This could be an infected ingrowing hair if it is so painful you need to see the Doctor probably need to have an antibiotic. If it was just redness or even a split there, between the folds of the skin - this can happen under womens breasts - called intetrigo - here Timodine cream - excellent for sore unbroken skin,  from the Doctor  is used not sure about where you are. Do hope it is not a pilonidal cyst usually caused by hair and debris - this is so painful as PaulG says and usually tracts inwards.  

    See the Dr.,try to keep area clean and dry. Warm sitz baths help. It i`snt easy to eval. that area on your own.

    sounds like a cyst my friend had one .. very painful here's the link

    sounds like a pilonidal cyst. First, go to the Dr. But, meanwhile, take a lot of hot showers. That may burst it open . Try putting hydrocortizone cream on it. It will reduce the inflamation and hence the burning for a little while.If it looks open and infected, put antibiotic ointment on it till you get to the Dr.

    ...and that's not the half of it.

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