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    who serves the country most a teacher or a farmer

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    3 years ago

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    It boils down to "if you don`t eat you don`t sh-t, and if you don`t sh-t you die." Work it out from that.

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    A farmer. Because the teacher cannot teach if there is no food to eat!

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    The person who teaches the farmer how to farm

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    digger, I don't know if you realize it or not but farming is not cheap. fuel alone is almost the same as what you pay anymore, I think its a 30 cent or 40 cent break from pump prices. Were a small farm compared to some and we go through 2500 to 3 thousand gallons of Diesel fuel a year. The price of fertilizer has quadrupled over the last 5 years, for a medium size John Deere tractor is right around $150000, If you keep the old the repair cost is staggering now. Most shops are close to $100 an hr plus parts. We made a very {small} mistake this year and will cost us close to 5000 dollars. nobody else is going to pay for that. with the way this year is going with all the rain and farmers not being able to get in the field look for prices of food to really go up.

    digger I'm sure it isn't, nor am I unsympathetic to the difficulties. I am simply saying that other professions are equally as valuable in their contribution to the common good as farming and teaching are.
    There are advantages and drawbacks to ALL professions. How do you think a real estate salesman fares in a flat housing market when his remuneration is entirely commission-based ? A small business operator in the restaurant business whose clientele drops drastically as unemployment figures increase.
    The hundreds of thousands of employees that fell victims to corporate downsizing. Ordinary workers who see prices rise but salaries frozen.
    What I am saying is that farmers and teachers are not the exclusive victims of cyclical hardship.To single them out as being more hard-done to and more deserving of respect and/or importance is simply being dismissive to others and frankly, reeks of self aggrandizement and loathing.
    I know that's not what YOU meant but the argument does.

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    Without food there is no population, without schools there are no educated people, but food is one of the basic necessities of life, education isn't.

    Education is important though, many farmers have degrees in agriculture. If you were brought up on a farm you would still have to be taught when to plant and how to grow different kinds of food, so I suppose anyone can be considered a teacher. Both are extremely important to a healthy society..

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    It depends what country are you talking about.For Singapore that does not have any farmers, teachers are there period. no more and no less important than farmers.

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    The farmers are the back bone of this country! like the others say they dont grow crops we have nothing.

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    Neither. The rest of us who work year round close to 50 weeks while teachers take the summer off and crop farmers take the winter off.

    Our taxes pay for their existence just as much as their do our. I take offense to signs claiming "Farmers feed cities". If it wasn't for city people PAYING for their product, they'd be out of business. There's a yin and a yang.

    JDB SO what your saying is the people in the city should stop paying Farmers and teachers.. Thats ok I'll survive, but how many people from the city are going to to survive? Wanna come out to my farm and try to get food. you better be a lot better shot than I am.
    digger No,I'm not saying that people in the city should stop paying farmers and teachers. What I'm saying is that city people should not be treated like they are being done a favor by the farming and teaching community. That WOULD be the case if these services were free but since we pay the going rate in order to obtain them, then the deal is favorable to BOTH parties. If I was a farming equipment salesman, would you consider my services more important than yours since without me,you'd be seeding and harvesting by hand ? All citizens contribute to the economic engine of the nation. To suggest than one segment is indispensable and therefore MORE deserving than another, fails to appreciate the link between all service providers that makes the world turn.

    Ms Sinclair
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    While I think that both are very important I would have to say teachers. The best ones help minds to grow. Farmers grow crops.

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