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    can i make my internet connection faster without paying for more service

    i would like to make my internet connection faster, without paying for an upgrade through the web service

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    How to Make Your Internet Speed Faster

    The speed of your Internet connection affects various aspects of your computer usage, from sending and receiving files to surfing the Web and sending emails. Over a period of weeks, a slow Internet connection can add hours of waiting time to your average day. Thus, a sluggish Internet connection is not just an inconvenience, but a productivity issue. Learn how to make your Internet speed faster to get the most out of your Internet connection and make the most with your time.



    * 1

    Open Internet Explorer, the default Web browser included in all copies of Microsoft Windows. Click "Tools" and select "Internet Options" from the drop-down menu. In the dialog box that appears, select the Security tab. Click on the Internet icon and choose "Custom" in the security levels listed. Uncheck the box next to the following security options: Download Unsigned ActiveX Controls; Initialize and Script ActiveX Controls Not Marked As Safe; and Scripting of Java Applets. Removing these options will decrease the amount of data that Internet Explorer tries to download, making Web pages with these elements load faster. Disabling these features can also make the Internet Explorer browser more secure.
    * 2

    Return to the main "Internet Options" window in Step 1. Drag the slider for Internet Explorer's cache to the right to increase the amount of hard drive space that the browser uses to store commonly-accessed Web page data. By accessing locally-stored data instead of downloading it from the Web, your browser is able to load websites at a faster rate.
    * 3

    Click "Start" and select "My Computer." Open the C:\ drive. Click "Documents and Settings," and double-click on "Local Settings." Open the "temp" file and clear all the contents.
    * 4

    Install OpenDNS on your computer This lets your browser access the OpenDNS cache, significantly speeding up your Internet connection by downloading pre-saved website data stored on the OpenDNS servers. On a Mac, select "System Preferences" in the Apple menu. Click on "Network" and select "Built-In Ethernet." Open the Advanced settings tab, and add and to the DNS servers listed. On a PC, click "Control Panel" in the Start menu. Click "Properties," then open the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" tab and select "Properties." Add to the Preferred DNS Server list. Click "OK."

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    Sure ! you can . You can boost up your internet speed by using the following steps

    1. Clear cookies from your browser

    2. Close unwanted background tasks when you are working with the internet .

    3. Scan your internet by using standard Anti-virus software

    4. Reset your modem and reconnect with the internet.

    Use the link speed  to improve your internet speed .

    After that, you can check your net speed by using  .

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    yes yes you can

    Colleen Do you have any advice on how tooshare can do this?

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