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    what are legal rights of wife abandoned by my husband?

    Although in contact, what am financially entitled to legally?

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    3 years ago
    leeroy Good question Chicky, it's smart to find out your legal rights. Thumbs up on your question.

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    First, you need to determine the legal terminology in your state for abandonment. Once you have that information, then you will know what your rights are. In most states, "abandonment" doesn't occur until a number of years have passed with absolutely no contact.
    If he has just left you, you have the right to file for a divorce, and ask for reasonable property and child or spousal support. This does not mean you will get what you want or what you ask for - ultimately, if it gets ugly, it's going to be up to your attorneys and a judge to hash it all out and make those decisions.

    leeroy Excellent and helpful answer lifestudent, thumbs up on your answer.

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