can u tell me what the Gleason score amd PSA are so important? what is thier purpose in Prostate cancer

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    Read information here for both tests....

    the PSA means Prostate Specific Antigen. If yours is high, don't panic, b/c a number of reasons can cause it to be high without it meaning that you have prostate cancer. 

    terryfossil 1

    Your spot on MCM,my psa was high,so then i had a battery of tests to try and find the problem,,in the end i said have i got cancer,they said no,but we need to do more tests,Specialists in Aussie cost money,so i said if it aint gonna kill me,then do not worry about it.that was awhile back now and i am still here..and 1 specialist less that did not get my money..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    i am a blood test man,if it does not show up there,,so sad too bad..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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