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    Which successful fast food chain was founded in November of 1969, in Columbus, Ohio?

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    founded by Dave Thomas on November 15, 1969, in Columbus, Ohio, United States.
    As of March 2010, Wendy's was the world's third largest hamburger fast food chain with approximately 6,650 locations.

    For more on the chain see here:

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    wendys the burgers are square "cause here at wendys we dont cut conners"

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    Wendys burgers aren't square >>> White Castles are square.
    And another trivia fact about Wendys it that they became popular b/c they made their burgers out of fresh meat. I don't know if they do that anymore

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    Wendy's! I see we get the same trivia questions :-)

    Volcane :-) I just love these.
    Do you have other sites like this you can recommend?
    IamPamela313 "Trivia Today" is sent to me by email everyday.

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    The idea for Wendy's "old fashioned" hamburgers was actually inspired by a Kalamazoo, Michigan chain called Kewpee Hamburgers

    JDB I could be wrong but I think it was Lima OH that Kewpee hamburgers originated there are still three of them left including the original one .

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    I had learn something new today, it's true that we do it everyday (learn something new!) Great, I love it!

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    I guessed Wendys too. But they weren't the first fast-food resturant. The first one was McDonalds. And it was near-by where I live---in Garden City, Mich .

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