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    what does wifi only mean?

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    3 years ago

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    What kind of screen name is Elitisprick anyway, R U one?

    leeroy Look up the wonderful comments he leaves on his profile.

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    Please see my other post. I believe it will be helpful to you.

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    uh, it means that you have to have a "wifi" enabled device to connect to the internet at that particular spot. If you don't know if your device if wifi enabled or compatible, I can't help you anymore. Good luck.

    GMoneyK Hey prick, uh I mean elitist-prick... The asker is asking this question because certain devices are advertised as being "the wi-fi only" model... It's the word "only" that is causing the confusion here, and your answer is irrelevant and most unhelpful.

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    "Wi-Fi only" means that you are dependent on a hot spot for accessing the internet. The alternative to "wi-fi only" is the "wi-fi + 3g" device, which can access the internet independent of a hot spot; good for travelers who need access wherever they may happen to be.

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