what does mkz stand for on the lincoln

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    The MKZ name followed a new nomenclature used at Lincoln for new vehicles beginning in the 2007 model year (existing models such as the Navigator and Town Car have been unaffected thus far). Ford initially intended the "MK" to represent an abbreviation of its traditional "Mark" naming series, but has since abandoned that in favor of simply reading the letters.[3] The MKZ was the first in this series of new "MK"-named Lincolns, and has since been followed by the MKX, MKT and MKS. For 2010 the MKZ was revised with new exterior and interior styling along with other new features.

    The Lincoln MKZ (and the Zephyr before it) is built at Ford's Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico, plant.

    The MK is 'Mark' Not sure what the Z is.. Lincoln used to designate their two door luxury cars with the MK badging..

    MK IV

    MK V

    MK VI

    And so on.. I see the MKZ's on the highway.. Don;'t knoe what the Z is all about.. But I like the old ones, I had 3 of them..

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