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    pretty ugly i see their faces (junkies) more often than i care's so tragic. but only god sees their heart!

    wonderer methadone is a perscription pain medication, unlike meth anphedamine,like crystal meth,the illegal substance, which can and does make ones apperance dramaticaly change for the worse over time.just fyi.
    daren1 metadone is also a "treatment" to help herion addicts stay off the junk as well!

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    some are round some are rectangular with an m inside a square on one side,on the other side it has the numbers 5771.the numbered side has a score in the center between the two 7's.throw it out if it fits this description or take it to a pharmasist to despose of it properly,if its not prescribed to only you.

    suliz If this person needs to ask what it looks like it hasn't been prescribed.

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