What is your views on acupuncture or acupressure?

    I'm asking because a sent off for and received two little magnets to place on either side of the left ear to aid in quitting smoking. Won't try them because I'm afraid they'll get knocked off and lost.....

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    A friend of mine had the ear thing to quit smoking, cost was quite high, didn't work, another friend swore by acupuncture for his back problem, turned out he actually had a heart problem, he passed away a good while back, I don't really have any views on the subject, some people seem to think it works though.


    I paid $5 for my ear magnets..... haven't tried. I'll lose them....


    I've had acupuncture twice...worked really well one time with only two treatments...not at all another time with six treatments. Maybe due to different injuries? I don't know.


    I take my mom to acupuncture once a week. she had a stroke and saw a stroke specialist at an acupuncture center.  after treatment, you would not even know she had the stroke. I like G-gong.  they say it's acupuncture without needles.


    Great to know that something worked after a stroke!

    Ducky Aman to that.

    ....suggestion: can't go too far if you try them in a single room

    ....or the car

    ....proud of you for trying to quit


    Sorry to disappoint but I've never wanted to quit. For 5 bucks though I'm curious as to do they work! You wouldn't try them though, guess this is why you are well off......

    I think acupuncture is great for pain and for relaxation.  Not so much for breaking habits unless you're really motivated.

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