Aussie Justine Damond killed by minneapolis cops..????

    Does anybody know anymore about the killing of the 40 year old woman..maybe you guys get more info than us..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..    Justine Damond pictured with her fiance Don Damond and stepson Zach. Picture: Facebook

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    country bumpkin

    The police officer has been identified. But still not an explanation as to why Justine was shot.

    All i can say is THANK GOD FOR OUR GUN LAWS, you would have to think twice about visiting the U.S.A.
    terryfossil 1

    Kent,i have to admit,i have more reasons to not visit USA than to visit it..however i have been to South America and liked it..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..

    Terry, i have been to the States twice,1981 & 2015, both times the average Americans are incredibly friendly and inqisitive if they know
    you are an Aussie, especially if they are Black Americans, the biggest let down is in the back of your mind is gun carrying crazies,L A is a perfect example,, you have to have your wits about you at all times.--- Don't look like a tourist, hide your camera if you can and don't splash money around.- actually this would apply any where you travel world wide

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    I've a couple of articles Terry, but it's too early to know the details of why the officer shot her. 

    I've just read the link from jh and it sure looks as though there is a whole lot more to this story. It seems to be a strange and tragic incident, for sure.

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    All i have heard so far from the cops is that she was not armed and they have shown audio from the cops,and tonight they have said the cop who shot her is already under investigation for 2 other problems..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    This is all I found, it being most recent story (3 hours old)

    terryfossil 1

    The cops are taking their time investigating this,which means they are worried..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    Here's the latest that I could find:

    Equipping the police force in a city the size of  Minneapolis with body cams cost the taxpayers millions of dollars. AND they are turned off??? And the squad car's dash cam is off also. Notice the two officers get PAID vacation while this is sorted out? You would be shocked at how many victims that call the police for help become victims of the police. And the police wonder why so many are beginning to hate them.


    It sure seems very weird to me! And I agree about the wonder!

    ....not much on the news last hour

    ....officer cameras weren't on

    A report on the net suggests that she, and other alternative medical therapists are being targeted because 'Big Pharma' believes that their profits may be threatened by these people.

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