Have you ever sang in front of a group or at church?

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    Many times in my younger years. 


    me too....... with my guitar, harmonica, lap dulcimer.

    They let me into the church choir once because  they were good Christians. I can’t carry a tune in a tin bucket…….

    "" couldn't melt and pour me to sing in front of people .

    When I was a lot younger, but not now. I'm ok singing with other people but not solo.


    I've sung in a choir many times but in front of people....ALONE?????  Even at a church I would have to say HEAVENS NO!!!!

    YES! I have sung for crowds of up to 15,000 people and never fell off the stage although once I nearly fainted because I looked out and actually saw how very many people there were ... but I felt better when dozens of people from all over the crowd started yelling "HELLO Lindi!" and I saw my Auntie and all her friends out there which made me feel so happy and so calm ... I loved that life a lot!

    Not a friggin chance, I was the drummer, I was in the background, a little harmony now and then, but NEVER up front.....NEVER!!!

    I did sing once at at church  " talent show "  I sang Let It Be " and the old people were falling asleep. And, I once  sang  " I look at clouds from both sides now...." with my minister's wife and I played the guitar, but she got the rhythm of the song all messed up. I have sung Karaoke in bars. That's fun. 

    Church choir for awhile, chorus in elementary school, but never a vocal soloist.....piano or saxophone only.


    Here's a sample of some of my songs when I was a workin' gal LOL
    I think you will like some of these Bobby .... witchway likes Blackbird Blackbird which is a 41 year old song.... my how time flies eh baby? LOL

    Wow, Lindilou, you have a eautiful, clear voice. Love it! Thanks for sharing! :-)

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