This guy wants to change his last name to Hitler. Did you ever think of changing your name?

    If so, to what?

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    This guy doesn't know which way to go now...

     I miss my maiden name the most, the name I had before I was adopted.


    I thought you might have wanted to change it to "Donethat"!

    I've often thought that having a "prettier" name would have been nice.  My name just sort of falls out of your mouth and lands on the floor.  Nothing soft, or strong, or intriguing about it. On the other hand, my mom named me for a very dear childhood friend and my middle name is in memory of my paternal grandfather, so I'm not complaining....not exactly....

    Yes I already did.



    he changed it to Zorro ;-)

    With 3 Christian names after being named after 3 of my father's brothers,YES INDEED. LOL.It's a da*ned long signature.


    Thomas, James Joseph?

    Thomas is not my first given name Julie.Confusing,Huh?

    My name came to be on March First, 1975. It contains my maiden name and my then husband's name.  I stole it. I think it's pretty in sound and spelling. I'll never change it again. It's been my name for 3/4 of my life...

    NO.nobody should ever change their name as it is a very important part of ones life.providing you are born to 2 parents who are wed,you are given a history of time ,events,belonging,all welded together by time and this day and age Heritage is being destroyed in so many different ways,once heritage is destroyed it is gone is one of the things nobody can take off of you,so why would you voluntary give it away..there are exceptions and reasons,but not for the majority..>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    If my last name was "Fossil", I would like for my parents to put it on hold until I was old, and might be considered for some to be a fossil. Otherwise, I would have been "old", the second I was named.
    terryfossil 1

    But after you checked the history and beginnings of the name fossil you may well have become impressed,,there is an old saying"whats in a name",a h*** of a lot if you take the time to have a look Clonge..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I like Onassis. One I like the letter o in names. 2. Aristotle Onassis was so rich and he loved beauty, which we probably all do, in one form another, (cats, dogs, flowers, buildings, etc.) I remember once he said to make sure the outside of your house looks nice or beautiful, even if you live in a one room flat.  I always remember that and try to do that. Forget the inside.


    I heard he was a good step father to JFK Jr.

    mycatsmom, I heard that too. I think he was good to all the kids around him. he did not want his son to date this model. and gave him some airplanes to stop going out with her. His son died in one of those planes and Aristotle never got over it. I guess sometimes we have to let people live their own lives.

    My father named me after a book.  I have never liked my middle name not for one minute.  I have always felt it suits other people far better than me.  

    So yes.  I have thought about it.  

    I have read about these people before.  Hmmm.... :(

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