adult children often have a grudge against their parents. why?

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    thanks leeroy. tough question. good answer.

    No problem, psychology has made a bit of progress over the years, but they still attribute your present day problems to your past. This is just counter productive...
    Psychologists will blame most of a adults problems on their childhood, they didn't get enough love or weren't given this or that from their parents.

    I just don't buy it, I understand that all parents are only human and learn from their parents how to raise a child. We all have our strong and weak points, no parent is perfect. We can only draw from our experience and what we have learned and do the best job we can.

    Christian psychologists will not usually take this approach, they will tell you to forgive and forget, not to dwell on the past. So I suppose it depends which counselor you are going to, that will determine who you blame your troubles on.

    Personally I've found if you dwell on the past and past mistakes, it's hard to focus on the here and now. Yesterday is gone and you can't change the past, but you can change today and your future, with hard work. Good question, t.u.2u...

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