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    How do I remove nail polish when 100% acetone doesn't work?

    I had my nail "done" in March and the polish has chipped and grown out and I would like to take it off.  Acetone doesn't work. How do I remove the polish specks?

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    1 year ago

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    itsmee LOL!
    jhharlan Thanks a lot. It's always nice to be taken seriously......
    ROMOS I was going to say scrape it of with your teeth but........................
    jhharlan You are toooooo funny today.........
    ROMOS Sandpaper? ;)
    jhharlan bump my question, I'm desperate.....Look it up, I can't find anything........
    mycatsmom hee hee. LOL. I'm laughin' at Romos, but I did give you a serious answer, Julie.

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    jhharlan Thanks! I'll try ANYTHING!!!!!!!!
    Ducky I did take a serious look Julie, and I couldn't find anything either. :(
    jhharlan I went to the dentist today and stole some of their sanitizer while I was waiting, it took some of the polish off. I bought a bottle and will let it soak in. Thank you so much!
    Ducky Let us know if it really works. I wonder why regular nail polish remover, doesn't?
    jhharlan A friend said the hand sanitizer would work only if the polish was dried using ultra lights. It was. The sanitizer works after heavy application and a lot of rubbing.
    Ducky I guess you won't have your nails done at that place again?
    jhharlan Almost worth it for $35 but this time I'll ask THEM how to remove the polish........
    Ducky Why don't you phone them and ask?
    jhharlan Because I'm lazy and I don't think of them until after they're guys stay up late.........
    Ducky They're open now! :)
    jhharlan Okay, you win, I'll give them a call after I send out a couple of emails. I'll let you know what they allow.....
    Ducky Now I can relax and stop worrying about your nails! :)
    jhharlan THEY said to top the polish with a piece of cotton and then wrap the finger with foil. I tried it and the polish peals off. THEY said to leave it for 15 minutes. I found it take longer but, it works! Now for the right hand...
    Ducky Yay Julie. What a good idea I had! LOL!!!
    jhharlan I couldn't have done it without you (or would't have) .......
    Ducky You KNOW how helpful we can be. :)
    jhharlan This is why I asked in the first place. Now if only I can figure out how to use my new computer. It's a Mac with wireless stuff and a touchy keyboard. I cant figure out the spellcheck....
    Ducky Oh no Julie! Nail polish problem...maybe. Computer problem....I must run away now. lol

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    When I was about in the 5th grade, my g friend's older sister showed me that I could remove nail polish by putting more nail polish on it, And that softens it......then quickly rub it all off. She did it for me. When I got home, my mom was mad at me.   : \     


    itsmee Was your mom mad because you removed your polish? Or did she see remnants and then know that you had had polish on?
    jhharlan What a clever idea! And I have the acetone to remove the fresh product! Thank you, thank you.

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