I received a letter saying I will get a check from office of Magister David for $24,000 up to $480,000 that was intended for me. I am sure this is a scam but thought I would ask. Is this a scam? Thanks

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    Yes, it is a scam. Mark it as spam and forget it. 


    Can u tell me a little info on how this scam works?? I am 4ever trying to learn a forever changing skill of is so hard to trust anyone. It is truly sad... Thank you for your help...oh, and by the way, guess I have won $33,333.00... That just kills me that so many people and companies do this to people without losing any sleep over it I am sure.

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck,,good chance it is a duck..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<..""

    ....scram scam !

    The old adage is true, if it sounds too good to be true, it most often is.....

    And in 2015 he is still a trading scam merchant except now he seems to have moved locations with a forwarding address of P.O. BOX 40388 NL-3504 AD UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS. He also has an associate Dr. Martin, who is the Financial Director, my suggestion is give them both the boot.  


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