How do I install an alternator belt on an 2003 PT Crusier

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    Open the hood and disconnect the negative battery cable from the battery terminal, using a wrench to remove the retaining bolt from the battery cable end. Isolate the battery cable from the terminal while you are working.

    Position a jack under the front suspension of your PT Cruiser and raise it off the ground. Support it on a set of jack stands and remove the jack for now.

    Locate the drive belt shield near the passenger's side wheel well and remove it with a wrench. Slide a wrench into the engine compartment and find the flat spot on the end of the tensioner. Place your wrench on the tensioner and turn the tensioner clockwise then remove the belt from the pulleys and discard it. Rotate the tensioner counterclockwise to its home position.

    Install a new serpentine belt on all the pulleys except the tensioner. Rotate the tensioner clockwise and install the belt around the pulley. Rotate the tensioner counterclockwise, tightening the belt as you go.

    Install the drive belt shield over the access hole near the passenger's wheel well, tightening the retaining bolts with a wrench. Raise the front of the car off the jack stands with a jack then remove the stands and set the car on the ground.

    Install the negative battery cable on the negative battery terminal, tighten the retaining bolt with a wrench then close the hood.

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