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    why can not we fire the government for not doing their jobs.

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    1 year ago

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    They ARE doing their jobs. We only hear about the bad things, the squeaky wheel gets greased.

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    You can when you vote, they are all facing a tough time at the moment making choices about how to deal with the worlds problems. I woudn't want the job, would you.

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    Working for the government is a seniority and qualification intensive position where going on strike is not going to happen. Executive positions are all voted in or out by voters. But grunt workers are seniority and qualification oriented so transferring to various positions is secure and gradually increasing in pay etc. If someone screws up royally , they are usually offered a narrowly defined position in a remote location that is at the end of dump street without an option. Firing government employees may have happened somewhere, but it is generally contract positions that come and go.  

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    You will have your chance at the next election.:-)

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    Because the people voted them to represent them. If some gov. representatives do not do their jobs, we vote them out.  We can't fire everyone in  the government. Although I feel that way about Republicans, fire all of them. ( Just my laymans opinion). 

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