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    describe the correct practice in the application removal ppe

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    Remove gloves first. Grasp the outside edge of one glove at the wrist and pull the glove off, turning it inside out. Hold it in the palm of the gloved hand. Slide your index finger under the second glove at the wrist, pulling this glove off inside out while continuing to hold the first glove in the palm. Both gloves will then be removed, inside out with the first inside the second. Dispose of the gloves.

    Reach behind your head or ears and remove your goggles or face shield. Do not touch these items in the front where they are likely to be contaminated. Dispose of these items.

    Remove your gown from the neck and shoulder area first, turning it inside out as you go. Ball up the gown and dispose of it.

    Remove your mask or respirator grasping from the back of your head or ears and dispose of it.

    Wash your hands immediately after removing your PPE. Use proper hand washing technique and use a paper towel to turn off the faucet when finished.

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