Explain how the likelihood of abuse may be reduced by working with person centred values encouraging active participation promotingand choice and rights

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    I know that the answer to this question, is in your textbook somewhere.  Can you send it to me and I'll try to look it up for you?  What time is your homework assignment due?

    It would hopefully instill within the individual that they are a person, who has an intrinsic right to make choices for themself, and they are no lesser valued than any other person. It's about restoring in that person the confidence and vision of self worth, they otherwise would have had, had they not been made a victim of the abuse.

    You should really grasp that concept, as it is the core of what you are studying. The only reason I am answering this question, is that I feel it is important that you do realize it.

    Re read your question, you've answered it yourself



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