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    My friend has a Blue sticker on his mailbox, his neighbors is Red. What color sticker will you et?

    Red= Death

    Blue= Fema camp

    Yellow= you stay in your home

    Pink= Slave.

    The Raleigh area had been tagged, they haven't made it down here yet.

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    2 years ago
    Colleen Ask your friend and neighbor if they get or have ever gotten a newspaper delivered to their house.
    Daisy! They travel a lot, so no they don't the neighbor travels too. They are both very well off, I want them to run. They have the means Latin American countries are taking Americans that are fleeing the US.
    Colleen You need to lay off the you-tube video conspiracy theories lol. People are not fleeing the US. This hoax about the dots was created over 2 years ago. No one has been shipped off to a FEMA camp yet.
    Daisy! I am, I have to finish this book ASAP, the publisher is fussing for it.I wanted two out back to back. I need a vacation.

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    I have 2 red stickers on the mailbox and 1 red sticker on the fence post  at the entry to my house.

    Daisy! Tear them off and run! Leave, go to Canada, Mexico, hide somewhere! You're a preacher? They want to kill all preacher or anyone with strong religious beliefs.
    Ducky Daisy..."they"?

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    Umm, the dots are there for newspaper delivery people showing that you get their newspaper and which day/s you are subscribed for.   

    This from one newspaper deliverer;

    "I just finished my route of 400 home delivery papers. I put yellow/orange for 7 days a week, red for fri., sat., and sun., and green for sun. and wed. (the big grocery ad day which is today and sux to put together and deliver). There are like 3 out of 400 that take the damn things off because of rumors like this. I then hide them on a tree or something. At night, all boxes look the same and most do not have numbers. Only way we can tell on crowded streets. A few people who got fired took ALL their dots off their routes which leaves hell for the next person doing it."

    Daisy! What's Pink and blue? Doesn't matter they do not get newspapers. He travel so much, he is only home one week a month. I am trying to talk him into a trip to Latin America.
    If I'm wrong he has a nice vacation, if I right it saves his life.
    The sticker wasn't there two days ago, I made him look.
    Colleen Well good luck. I'm not buying into a hoax. No dots on any mailboxes in my town.

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    There are no stickers on anyones mailbox where I live. We are not a communist country. These are stories made up by crazy people.on the internet.

    Ducky What? No stickers? lol
    Ann No. Just different color boxes next to the mailboxes for delivery of newspapers.
    Ducky Same here in the rural areas. :)

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    Daisy! You were lucky, be careful what questions you answer, stay off their radar.

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    You Americans are a crazy bunch, lol.

    killuminati asap
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    in my neighbor hood . holiday fl i have found orange stickers with D's on them and one green sticker with a 3 on it i have seen plain circular paper orange stickers and neon yellow ones of the paper and quarter sized red almost reflector like ones . i need to know what the orange and green ones are especially i believe "they" are coming and i know about them . idc what they see . i want to end this please write back asap . and also i do not yet have any stickers on my mailbox but selective so far 13 that i have taken pictures of are marked with paper and reflective stickers i will go to the people with the red stickers and ask if and what they know about NWO , and prove everything !!!! M.W thank you ,


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