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    describe the role that carers can have in the care and support of individuals with dementia

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    2 years ago

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    Research here.........

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    Alzheimers organization will give you the clearest information.  If you google them; you will receive several options for information relating to dementia.


    lindilou Here is the link for the Alzheimers' Organization>>>

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    Registered member and compassion to the sufferer and the family...Helping in any and every way that is warranted...sometimes means taking care of the sufferer so that the family/nearest and dearest who are also sufferers of this awful condition..can have a bit of time out and know that they`re loved one is in good hands..(Individualized care...liase with the family and find out what they require of the care too)...Patience is vital as is feeding/helping the patient to express  themselves as best as they can..hygiene..understanding are just a few on the list!!...Treat the individual as you would wish you and yours to be all adds up to a better quality of life!

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