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    how do you activate freds smart card?

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    2 years ago

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    Contact customer care link here>>>

    doolittle Who is fred? Why did he get a smart card? I don't have a smart card. Is there a lindilou smart card?
    lindilou, but there's a lindilou smartaR$@ card...lemme's around here somewhere...ah! There it is!! Oh...excuse me Doo.
    What's that Officer? Wadda ya mean my card's no good for fuel? But the gas is in it!! Uh-oh! Um Doo? I'm gonna hafta get back to you...hey! Lego my arm....eeeeeeeee..... :D
    doolittle I still want a doolittle smart card!!! Send me one please!
    lindilou It's in the mail!! Pony express!! This may take awhile as Snuffy and Rounder are having an arguement as to who will go!! They both want to...look out for a Pinto and a Don't forget the mail!!!! ;D
    lindilou Hey Doc...hope all's well with you and the critters...we're on the creek now since another move and now Sasquatches are here too...they make strange noises at night!! xox

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    need to activate freds card.

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    how do u activate smartcard

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