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    Can people really teleport themselves to Mars or anywhere else?


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    I don't think so, but I often wish I could

    eggplant See the link.
    lambshank watched the link, still not convinced it's a ufo, perhaps an experimental aircraft/fighter plane

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    On my t/v doctor who did,

    Cerberus 666
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    Only in their minds. Physical teleportation is impossible because of the "Doppler Effect" Our atoms are in constant movement travelling at the speed of light No technology would be able to freeze us and  transport us at the same time. Also if we were "frozen" in time it would kill us anyway  - sorry for the bad news - I hate waiting at airports too and those 12 / 14 hour flights kill me for 2 days after...

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    With the existing technology, the answer is "No".

    eggplant See the link.

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