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    where is your physical address and telephone numbers/

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    1 year ago
    Shootah Hm...from the nature of the responses you recieved, I'd say you got to stop eating those lead paint chips for breakfast! LOL!

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    """"Ultra classified and only the shadow knows he he ha ha !!

    whovin You're welcome

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    My favorite place to live is here and now and my number is numerologically 5 but I like 7. Hope this helps. Peace.

    doolittle I have left Romos and am now with Lindilou!!! She's taking a ride on the Moth but will be back in a bit!

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    Where they belong...make sure not to call me when you don't get here! Thanks.

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    I am here.  Please converse with the nearest bird of your choice...eventually, I will get your message.  It's much nicer hearing from a bird then listening to a message on a phone!  You can also give a dog, cat, camel, or lizard the message (though camels and lizards are very slow to get the message to me).

    lindilou I've sent a dove.... ;) ...and a green tree frog!
    lindilou I can see forever from up here...weeeee! ;D
    Bob/PKB Consider it done! We'll have biscuits and tea.

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    Here at home, where they belong!!!

    Ducky I guess I forgot to send you my change of address. Next time. :)

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    My address is on my door, my telephone number is in "the book"

    doolittle I I'm over here w/ Romos...who knows where I will go next??? Only My Great Luna Moth and Giant pink Sea Snail know!!!!
    ROMOS Is the Pink sea snail trustworthy?
    doolittle Yes!!! They are both Most Trustworthy!!! I couldn't have it any other way!!!

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    I'm in the book. So is my name............

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     The White House 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Washington, DC 20500
    (322) 850-7719
    Leave a message.  I'll call ya back. 

    doolittle Hey, stop by for dinner on your way home!!
    doolittle Nice! double 0 Mel! Say hi to David for me!!!

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    10 downing Street London tel 077 077 bond!

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    Where Scotland Yard and MI5 could most likely find them.

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    name address tele number all on my gate

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    looks like he not put any bate on the hook got no addy or nums lol


    ed shank
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    I'll show you mine, if you show me yours.

    lindilou ROFL !! ;D

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    Im in a state prison, does that matter,  if not , I can give you my details.!!

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    I shouldn't give you this information but because we know each other so well, I will.

    123 Cucumber Lane, Big City, France.   My telephone number is....555-555-5555.

    See you soon!

    dad59 No wonder, I didn't get an answer at the door, YOU MOVED AGAIN!!!

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    "" In here, my phone is 43 666 9990

    lindilou Holy crap man....! This is too high...seriously too high! lmao

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    Chances for the info are : slim-to-anorexic !

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    2861 Capinosa Drive, Jasper Kola 417.


    lindilou Heeeeyyy! Baby you are off the freaking radar!! Googled it and my comp started smokin'.....convincing it to give it up now before we get busted!!!! LOL ;D

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    Under Waterloo bridge with my dog,selling the big issue,

    lindilou Ontario? and I hope the dog's holding the cash stash.. LOL! rrrrowf

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    I'm at Folsom State Prison near Sacremento California.  Cellblock B, Cell 17.  Come and visit me!  I've got plenty of time to talk!   They even have conjugal visits here. :)

    hector5559 I have a day of work next week.

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