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    Which muscles are found in your belly and sometimes called abs?

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    2 years ago

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    The abdominal muscles are actually a group of 6 different muscles.  google:  ab muscles for details.

    DonDowningJr At least you answered the question. I don't care for people throwing out a link and really not answering the question.
    ROMOS So "don" doesn't think a link answers a question?
    pythonlover Don....It does not matter if a link is given, it is directing the person to an answer.It shows we are taking the time to look up information to help with an answer. We are a help site.
    dowsa Very good answers you always give.DOO. I want to be like you When I get that Brain transplant "OH Colleen is putting out a Help fund .For my Operation please give.To help a good cause!!

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    Check here>>>

    doolittle Someday, I'll actually be able to put a click site on here...but thanks for doing it here. All Hail KOTF!!!

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