Are you as careless with your Soul, As i am?


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    My life is a journey.  I do learn my life lessons.  So, No, I am not careless with my soul.


    Life is journey, it came without instructions!

    Life is journey, it came without instructions!

    sorry about this going in several times, interstate and having net problems


    I have been winging it actually!

    I don't believe my non compliance with organized religion, nor my lack of attendance at formal church services guarantees a quick trip to hell. I live and believe in a life that does no one any harm, help when I can and have integrity, consciously looking after my soul ? no, just doing what I know to be right in my heart

    What do you mean by being "careless with your soul".  Please explain.

    No. Perhaps you should take better care in what you do in life. 


    I may have been as careless at one time, but you can make a change. Accept the free gift Jesus offers you and live for Him. 

    No.  I am far from the person I'd like to be with the soul I'd like to have, but that's on me.   

    Body yes, soul no.

    no  i do not neglect my soul. i feed it daily with the words of God

    no i am not but i should do better. Soul is more important than the physical being because it is eternal.Dust thou art and to dust thou returnest was not spoken of the soul. So take care of the soul.

    It Is Well With My Soul>>

    Go and see a shrink!

    I have done the worst with my soul,and am now trying to do the best with my soul,,the final vote will be in the Boss's hands..>>>>>>>><<<<<<..""

    Scratched records all over the place and I feel good like sugar and spice

    ....only God knows.

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