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    what is a hard lump that when squeezed a greenish puss comes out of the nipple and has a foul oder?

    what is a hard mass surraounding the breast area that when pressed, greenish puss comes out of the nipple and has a foul odor. this mass covers from about the center of the breast bone to almost to the armpit and is on a male.

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    country bumpkin
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    It's INFECTED.... Go see a doctor before your nipple rots off.

    Ducky Eeeewwwwwww... :(

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    He need to see a doctor!!!!!! Now!!!!!!!!!!

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    I agree with doolittle..WASTE NO TIME...NEEDS TO BE SEEN AND TREATED!!

    good luck..millie xx

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    Im with everyone else,please see your doctor,and fast

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    It needs to be drained.....may involve lymph nodes....see a doctor ASAP !

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    it could be male breast cancer, or an infeccted lymph gland, it might be a cyst or boil that has grown very large, but any case it needs to be treated by a Doctor and quickly. This type of thing can become life threatening very quickly if the infection enters the man's blood stream and causes septicemia (blood poisoning). God be with him!

    millie111 It could be anything but its infected and no doubt has an underlying cause! You must see GP ! But you know that just be brave and face your fears ! Good luck ! X

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    Anything GREEN need to be seen. Oh Dear.

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    go to the emergency department of your hospital. NOW

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