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    why is my poop yellow?

    this is not fake it is really yellowsee its yellow!

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    2 years ago

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    You're simply crapping your brains out. Before you know it, you won't.

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    Cut down on the custard.

    Chiangmai AND mustard.

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    To match the color of your teeth?  Here we call this "Color Coordination".

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    Have you been eating all the yellow one smarty?

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    Stop eating corn products.

    Go see the your doctor.

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    It's because you aren't human. You think you are, because  your builders on the planet Nmerdje programmed you that way, but you are actually a walking bomb, containing hearly half an ounce of anti-matter. The yellow colour is caused by gradual decay of Noggox, the only substance capable of keeping anti-matter stable in a terrene environment. Yours is due to run out at about 11.35 (plus of minus four minutes) on April 1st (that's Wednesday week) by way of an April Fool prank.

    Boom boom!

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    Because you are a baby, baby poop is mustard yellow.

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    too much milk and/or curry?

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    with that name, anything could happen.....

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    Yellow Stool

    Yellow stool can indicate that food is passing through the digestive tract relatively quickly. Yellow stool can be found in people with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Symptoms of GERD include heartburn, chest pain, sore throat, chronic cough, and wheezing. Symptoms are usually worse when lying down or bending. Foods that can worsen GERD symptoms include peppermint, fatty foods, alcohol, coffee, and chocolate.

    Yellow stool can also result from insuffient bile output. Bile salts from the liver gives stool its brownish color. When bile output is diminished, it often first appears as yellow stool. If there is a greater reduction in bile output, stool lose almost all of its color, becoming pale or grey.

    If the onset is sudden, yellow stool can also be a sign of a bacterial infection in the intestines. Click > Stool - Healthy and Unhealthy Stool for more information.

    Meanwhile, take the Feces Health Quiz. Click > Feces Health Quiz

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    lindilou You got the scoop on the yellow poop and who knew?Who knew?This question is a real pooper scooper !Best answer!!!

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