was debbie reynolds on the last episode of castle

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    Since Castle is a recurring series I looked at 2 Bio. pages for Debbi Reynolds...each listed both movies and tv shows Debbi has been in- even if just for an episode or two.  Neither listed Castle.  When I googled Castle there were multiple sites for final episodes- for the dif. seasons.  If you know which season the finale you speak of was in then google Castle and you will be able to locate it quickly.

    7/21/12 There was a CASTLE rerun on this evening in which Debbie Reynolds made a guest appearance.  I am about 99.999999999999999999% positive it was originally shown in the 2011-2012 season and was definitely NOT the season finale episode. She played the role of a theatre critic who was a "friend" of Castle's mother. 

    that was season 4 episode 23 a dance with death and like you I thought it was too but the actress was Millicent Martin, sorry we were both wrong :(


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