what do the large numbers of frog eggs have to do twith the frogs fitness for life in the water

    During one mating of frogs, the female lays some 2,000 to 3,000 eggs in the water as the male sheds millions of sperm over them. How does these large numbers relate to the frogs fitness for life in the water

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    The more there are , the better the chance of survival.
    Most are eaten by other forms of creatures.
    Such is life.

    right.Survival of the fittest. That's means the remaining frogs are the strongest and healthiest.

    I have bred frogs.  You need to do your water changes just as you always do.  If any of these eggs hatch you should have a product ready to feed them.  I have had the best luck with Algae wafers.  They are used to feed plecostomus, snails etc.  and they work extremely well for tadpoles.  You can also try Tabimin but the algae wafers are much better and cleaner.

    Algae wafers are made by Hikari or even Nutrimin.  I like Hakari better.

    When the tadpoles become frogs, feed them like their parents.

    Survival of the fittest.

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