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    describe basic food safety when providing food and drink to children and young people.

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    2 years ago

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    Basic food safety is the same for everybody.  Make sure your work area and your workers are clean.  Make sure the food is fresh and clean...check "expiration" and "best by" dates. Know your clientele; are there restrictions due to health, religious, or any other reasons. Prepare the food in the manner prescribed; use a food thermometer to make sure meat and fish are cooked to the proper temperature.  Know what the serving portions are to be; make sure the food isn't served too hot; we don't need another McDonald's incident. 

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    The most important thing you can do is hand washing, for a full minute, scrubbing vigorously. The next most important issue is no hand to face contact. Most towns have a food safety course you can take by going thru your local Health Dept. Take the course and you will become certified. Good luck.

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    Good luck getting certified. You should be learning this yourself not asking others to learn it for you. We get all you "students" every two weeks like clock work. How do you think you will be able to do your job if you do not know the material required for getting the job?

    You really need to answer all these questions you are posting here yourself. You are the one going for the license to work in Social Services, not us.

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