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    If a man cheats on his wife, will he cheat again with new wife?

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    2 years ago

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    You can usually predict an individual's future  behavior based on his past behavior

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    i would sure think so. a person that has done it once will more likely do it again. some men and women love to have their cake and eat it too.these individuals love to have this kind of excitement in their marriage after it becomes somewhat static.

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    Your in for a bumpy ride. In my journey I found if a man cheats once he will more than likely do again. And if you were the other women would you really be able to trust him?

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    No.  I know this from watching a person live their life and do the things they do... not naming names... The incidious behaviour was reserved for one wife and one wife only.  Sad.  Broke her heart and changed her soul. 

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    Big possibility, once a cheater, always a cheater, watch him.

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    He will surely cheat again.

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    No....if he has truly changed his life.


    Joke : A lion won't cheat on his wife but a Tiger Wood !

    gloriafrmCal Change? we are talking about a man right?
    Umbriel Great pun!

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    Maybe yes...maybe no...depends on many factors   and too many maybes.

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    Well I for one from first hand experience as a man who has been there done that the answer is NO.

    mycatsmom P.L >>>> was it worth it ?
    PEOPLELOVER Mycatsmom. In the long run NO, my wife left me this time around for someone else.
    Sauce for the goose and all that.
    I really wonder sometimes whether we were meant to be practice monogamy.
    Was this another church imposed standard for the churchs` own agenda?

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    Marriage is supposed to be based on trust...I Would CERTAINLY WORRY that by cheating HE`LIED to his ex-wife...probably on NUMEROUS occasions !...Sounds like a very weak man not to be honest...If he was unhappy with his marriage then he should have the guts to at least try and work things out or end the marriage before moving on to the next woman!!:-0....I WOULDN`T WANT TO BE THE NEW WOMAN IN HIS LIFE!!:-(

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    I think he will cheat again, that's the sad part

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    I think it would depend on the person, and how they see their responsibilities and role in life. Let's be honest. To cheat on a spouse, would involve lying to them, and also deceiving them by ommision of the facts. That would also involve looking their spouse in the eye...and just straight up lying to them.

    Hm...I can understand people making mistakes. I mean, although we look at ourselves as being above certain conduct, we are after all, only human. I guess it all depends on what a person feels in their heart, and how honest they can be with themselves, and others.

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    Usually not.

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    Obviously its part of his character and yes I believe he'll do it again! we're characters of nature, if we don't think we need to change we won't. Only when we want to change do we do so!  It's never to late change

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    I don't know.

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    Probably, I have a mate who has done it three times, he just can't stop himself, well, so he says.

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    There's a saying that goes, "When a man marries his mistress, it creates a vacancy for the position".  

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    You can say the same about women who cheat on their husbands but in truth neither is true. In the majority of cases the marriage had already broken down long before any infidelity and a second marriage is usually more successful. Once a cheat , always a cheat, its just not true. 



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    2 times was enough for me,I am the guilty party.

    Jack Large
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    Depends, on whether his new wife younger or older, WBMG



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    My mom says, "A leapord does not change his spots."  I really don't know.  Good luck to the people that have cheaters as mates, which is many.

    kiwig Leopards have spots!
    tabber thanks kiwig spots is right, got rid of stripes.

    ed shank
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    People cheat for many reasons. Most do so because a lack of communication. Being taken for granted. If sex is the motivating factor for betrayal, they will continue to do so. If other issues are in play and sex is not what motivates them, and they simply want to be heard and understood, then the possibility of a relapse is less likely.

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