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    Is the Financial Transfer Institute of the Netherlands a scam?

    They sent me a letter stating that I have won a large sum in a contest, but ask for $50.00 as a contribution toward the research of Prof. Gerald W. Masters.  If this is real, I have only a day or two more to claim it.

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    2 years ago
    Ducky You don't ever have to pay for something that you have won! Winning something is not purchasing something, no matter what they tell you "the fee" will go towards...postage, shipping, country taxes, income taxes, airport taxes or a statue of their wonderful, deceased grandmother. SEND NOTHING!!!

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    ....caution !

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    It's a scam, dear. I live in Australia and lots of people fall for these sorts of scams. Tear it up, you'll only lose your money and possibly more.

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    Exactly why would they constantly send me a letter every week through a month apparently if they want 50$ then they can automatically take it out of the winning money that lame.

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